Q: Do you have a seating area to eat in?

A: Yes, there is inside and outside seating suited for families or groups to enjoy a dessert with a selection of hot and cold drinks.

Q: What other sweets do you have?

A: We have many other traditional sweets such as: Baklava (walnuts, pistachios, cashews, chocolate), Ma'amoul, Warbat, and Hareeseh.

Q: Are you planning to open other branches?

A: We are researching demand versus demographics and plan carefully to make our products available in many other cities.

Q: Do you have other types of knafeh or dietary options?

A: The Knafeh Nabulsieh original recipe comes in two forms na'ameh(soft crust) and kheshneh (shredded). Upon order we make knafeh with qeshtah or nuts instead of cheese. Knafeh LIGHT has the same great taste but, with less butter and sugar.