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An article presenting the historic background of Knafeh Cafe as part of Little Arabia in Anaheim, CA…/little_arabia_murals_anaheim.php

One of the best articles written about Knafeh Cafe! Read it here!


A Japanese article published about Knafeh Cafe

A newspaper article about the Saudi activity at Woodbury University

LA Times

An article in the LA Times about Knafeh Cafe and Little Arabia.,0,2180914.story#axzz2w8ngf7ZU 

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Knafeh Cafe has been the go-to spot in Little Arabia since opening earlier this year, with Middle Easterners of all ethnicities and religions flocking to the increasingly pretty strip mall that is home to it and the fabulous Iraqi restaurant Al Tannour. The knafeh is what largely draws people in, made fresh every morning...Read More